Who We Are

"DevOps" is an information services organization staffed by students in two Computer Science classes at Davis & Elkins College. In this context "DevOps" is an acronym for "D&E Volunteers Operating Production Systems".

In a broader context, "DevOps" is a term of art in the information services field, describing a culture that eliminates the traditional distinction between the "development" staff, who create new systems, and "operations" staff, who manage and administer the systems in production.

What We Do

As entry-level staff, CSCI 290 students learn and apply best practices for development, operation, and maintenance of a client's production systems.

As management staff, CSCI 390 students learn to manage technical projects and processes to meet the client's goals for functionality, schedule, budget, and quality.

As clients, co-workers, and mentors, D&E faculty and staff contribute to and benefit from our work.

Together, we improve our skills and our college by building and operating information systems that address real needs.

Our debut effort is an attendance tracking solution for D&E's Naylor Center for Teaching and Learning.

Why We Do It

We believe that experiential learning is required to prepare students for success in professional computing careers. Textbooks, lectures, and problem sets are not sufficient to develop skills for creating sustainable solutions to organizational needs. Although the workplace environment is simulated, the experience, the systems, and the clients are real.

We believe that life-long learning is a practical and ethical requirement for all computing professionals. This includes faculty, whose work should reflect this belief.

We believe that our work is of real value to our campus community, and we find that very rewarding.

How to Learn More

For more about DevOps, contact Steve Mattingly.